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Workshop klíčové aktivity KA5
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About project



Project title: Support of Human Resources in Science and Research in Non-medical Health Care at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Palacký University Olomouc


Registration number: CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0163


Principal investigator: doc. PhDr. Jana Marečková, Ph.D.


The aim of the project is to create conditions to enhance a team of professionals with scientific potential at the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) of Palacký University in Olomouc. Their inclusion in the realisation of aims under the leadership of two foreign experts will increase their scientific erudition and involvement in areas characterised by the key activities below. The project team will create the core personnel for the Centre for Excellence in Science and Research in Non-medical Health Care at the Faculty of Health Sciences.


  • Key Activity 1 - Creating and running the Centre for Excellence in Science and Research in Non-medical Healthcare at the Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Key Activity 2 - Increasing science and research competencies of members of the Centre and the academic community at the Faculty of Health Sciences and skills in Evidence Based Practice approach to non-medical health care
  • Key Activity 3 - Developing implementation of the 3N Alliance international terminology in the Czech environment
  • Key Activity 4 - Enhancement in the scientific application of social and psychological aspect in non-medical health care
  • Key Activity 5 - Promotion and development of scientific procedures in the research of motor skills



The global aim of the project is to create conditions for enhancement of a team of experts with potential for science and research who will carry out the research and at the same time will transfer the knowledge among the academia at the FHS of Palacký University. Their activities and innovations of Science and Research themes in teaching will contribute to the improvement of Science and Research output at the faculty. There will be a significant change in the Science and Research atmosphere and its systematic development.


Within the project, output of five key activities will be created. Skills to enhance Science and Research competencies will be developed, including legislation, science management, empirical analysis of sources, project management, presentational and language skills. Professional competencies in areas of scientific interest of the team members will also be improved: nursing, midwifery, psychology, sociology, physical therapy and healthcare management. The following areas will be supported: development of evidence-based practice in non-medical healthcare, systematic writing writing, methodological literacy in science, quality of students' thesis and innovation of science and research competition among students.


Secondary aims include:

  • Aim 1 - to create and run Science and Research Centre for Excellence in non-medical healthcare at the FHS,
  • Aim 2 - to strengthen the development of existing research team at the faculty by engaging foreign experts,
  • Aim 3 - to support competitiveness of the team of experts by organising educational activities (seminars, workshops and conferences) abroad,
  • Aim 4 - to enhance Science and Research competencies of the Centre and the academia at the faculty and to support Evidence-Based Practice in non-medical healthcare,
  • Aim 5 - to implement components of the international 3N Alliance in teaching, research and practice, ,
  • Aim 6 - to improve application of social and psychological aspects in research in non-medical healthcare,
  • Aim 7 - support and develop scientific procedures in the area of motor skills,
  • Aim 8 - strengthen the reputation and experience of the team by organising educational activities (seminars and workshops).



The project target group consists of three sub-groups comprising

  1. 1. members of the established Centre of Science and Research at the FHS,
  2. 2. academic staff at the faculty
  3. 3. students.


1. The first group comprises of professionals with experience in Science and Research. These are members of the academic staff and post-graduate students. They need to strengthen their scientific potential and Science and Research competence under the leadership of foreign experts, thus enhancing their scientific excellence. The group consists of 28 members and 4 students in full-time post-graduate programme.


2. The second group comprises of other members of the faculty staff, who have not been active in the activities planned in the project. These members need to acquire Science and Research competencies. They need education in auxiliary and specific competencies in the field of research and development in order to increase their potential for participation in research activities at the faculty. They are motived in the role of instructors for bachelor and master theses. By their inclusion in the project, they will increase their erudition for the instructing students in the theses and to fulfil their personal responsibility in publication output. The group comprises 40 people.


3. The third group includes students of all Bachelor programmes (General nurse in full-time and combined form, midwife in full-time and combined form, Radiology assistant in full-time and combined form, Physiotherapy in full-time form), follow-up Master programmes (Physiotherapy in full-time form, Healthcare Management in a combined form, Specialisation in Nursing) and post-graduate programme in full-time and combined forms. The project should provide them with a high-quality methodological guidance in writing their theses. In seminars, they will also be presented with the newest trends in Science and Research in non-medical healthcare and will be better prepared to succeed in students' research competitions. The group will comprise 300 students.